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One of my favorite things to do is camping. Laying under a calm night sky. Looking up and seeing all of the stars, planets, constellations and other out-of-worldly wonders of creation. It’s so unbelievably peaceful. No sound or light pollution. Just you and the elements. The way it should be.

Yes, I love camping but I do it with a little twist. As you know, I like to add an element of danger to all that I do. So, rather than camping firmly planted to the ground, I like to elevate things a bit. I choose to set up camp high up in tree tops or anchored to the side of a rock a.k.a a mountain hundreds of feet off the ground. Check out this link where you will get some visuals of what I am talking about as well as some camping ideas and solutions if you too decide to venture into this style of camping.

So here’s a little description of what I do. I either go on a solo hiking weekend excursion and when night is about to fall, I set up my tent in between two trees. I feel safer up there than on the ground where I could come across all sorts of night crawlers or the rare bear. I know, I know. Some of you might be saying ”what the heck! You’d rather dangle by a couple of ropes from a tree a good distance from the ground where you could possibly fall and cause some serious damage rather than to chance coming across the occasional wildlife. Hey, what can I say? I’m weird but Yes, I feel way more comfortable in the trees with the birds than on the ground with the critters. To each his own.

One of the other things I really enjoy doing requires a bit more of a thrill for adventure and a gamble with life so to speak. Every so often, I meet with a group of rock climbers who, because the trek is so long to the top, a couple of days easily, must at some point set up camp and tackle the rest of the journey the following day. They very carefully anchor their tents along the Rock, ensuring that everything is safely and securely hooked in. There is no room for error. No one wants to be the unlucky soul that tosses in the night only to accidentally dislodge his or her tent from the facade of the mountain and take his/her plummet to the ground. That would be a very sudden and horrible way to go.

All fears aside, this is an adrenaline-inducing adventure that I thoroughly enjoy. It’s like giving gravity the finger and telling the laws of nature, yelling from the top of your voice, I am unstoppable. I can not, and will not be stopped no matter the obstacles you place in front of me.

I love hearing the wind high up. Breathing in the crisp air. Watching the cosmos and then the sun rise from a very unique perspective. Oh! And looking down from high up in my little cocoon, seeing the ground way below, some of my fellow mates bellow me, above me, to the left and to the right of me. I feel alone in the world yet supported by my crew. It’s a very empowering feeling everyone should experience at least once in their lifestyle.

I believe that life is about pushing the boundaries and if you truly want to live, rather than simply exist, staring death in the face and doing whatever terrifies you anyway is the best way to live in my opinion. Every day becomes more meaningful when you live that way.

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