A few years ago, I went parasailing. I was in Mexico. Cabo San Lucas specifically. I had been planning this trip for quite some time. First, I landed in Santa Monica, California. I got there one day early so that I could take in the sights but really it was because I wanted to give myself a buffer in case my flight was delayed or something. It was a bit rainy and chilly but whatevs. So much for California being nothing but sun, sun, sun! I still took advantage of the time I had. Just threw on a sweater and made the most of it. That’s what life is about – No? Rolling with the punches. Gotta be flexible.

Anyway, had a great day. Walked along the beach, went out for supper and got myself a good night sleep after a long day of travel and sightseeing.

The next day I was off to Long Island to catch my cruise. MEXICO, HERE I COME!! I was siked!! Could not wait to see what Mexico had to offer plus I had never been on a cruise ship before. Again, it was bloody cold! I was like, wait – Is this California or was I duped? So we set sail and everyone was bundled up in their sweater. Again, made the most of it and with every passing day, the weather got a little bit better as we continue our journey further down south. Won’t bore you with the details. This isn’t a travel blog but if enough people request it, maybe I’ll write a post on it.

Anyway, long story short, we arrived at Cabo after a one week cruise. It-was-Beautiful! We only had about till 4:00 pm to explore the sights which meant that we had to be back in line by 3:00pm to get in line to make sure our behind was on that ship. We had already left a couple behind at the last port and I wasn’t about to let that be me.Cabo San Lucas

So, I raced off the ship so that I could get some beach time in before my scheduled parasail run. The beach was beautiful but REALLY crowded! I had a waterproof camera so I took full advantage and took a whole bunch of pictures of fish right below the crystal clear water. Getting that bought of fun outta my system I was off to my parasailing session.

Got into the boat and everyone was coupled up but me. They all asked ”you came alone!!?” They all sounded so concerned. I answered ”Yes and No”, ”The person I came with was too chicken shit to come parasailing with me so Imma do it on my own”. You’d swear I had decided to battle a three-headed monster or something. People looked at me like I was so brave.

OK, so fast forward to my turn. One of the tour guides strapped me up in the harness to the back of the boat. I sat there as instructed, the boat started to move – and – lift off. Up, up and away I went up into the sky. What a feeling it was to be gliding high above. The boat below was nothing more than a spec. It was so peaceful up there alone. So peaceful. It’s like I was meant to be there. Like I was somehow meant to have wings. It surprisingly wasn’t scary at all. Quite the opposite actually. I felt like I was home. Now, what was a bit scary was the descent. The tour guide was messin’ with me and would tug on the cord sending a rattle up my way, this combined with the water quickly approaching below and all I could see was a shark rising up from the water and having me for din din.

Parasailing is definitely something I’d like to do again. I’d love to feel the breeze on my skin, the wind in my hair, alone with my thoughts way up high. There is no feeling like it. It is pure serenity.


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