Rock Climbing

So, my last post was on extreme camping. Now I’m going to talk about the trek to get there. One must first climb that massive, seemingly daunting rock first in order to make it to the top. It can be scary at first. That very first time you decide to take your indoor practice out into the real world. Yes, you practice quite a bit with instructors, fellow classmates and friends beforehand but to actually venture out into nature and scale heights impossible to reach in an artificial environment can be a bit overwhelming and adrenaline producing even for the most skilled of climbers.

One thing you learn quickly in rock-climbing and that is to trust your harness, equipment, your team and most importantly – yourself. If you doubt yourself, it doesn’t matter how good everything and everyone else is, you will psych yourself out. You have to trust in your abilities. You have to be present in the now and trust your every step. With every anchor you set, and every inch you climb, you have to be confident and secure in what you do and know that in the unfortunate event of trouble, that you remain calm and level-headed, not panic and think your way through.

All fears, doom, and gloom aside, taking up this hobby is so worth it. You saw the views shared in my extreme camping post. If you can get out of your own way, because really, when you think of it, you’re the only one holding yourself back from living life to its fullest, when you push past the fears, there is something very beautiful on the other side. A peace, a serenity that can not be explained, only experienced.

If you’re interested in taking up rock-climbing and considering contacting a reputable rock-climbing class, I highly recommend Allezup or some other reputable place like it. What I like about them is the way they structure their classes and the instructors are top A quality. They know what they are talking about and show you proper form and technique to get you up that wall safely.

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