Stunt car driving!

stunt car

I tried my hand at stunt car driving a few years back. There was a tow truck and a Professional crew on standby to assist with any problems that we ran into and boy was it necessary. There were people at all sorts of levels practicing. The newbies such as myself were the ones that needed this stanby service the most. We did our best to keep up with the more advanced stunt drivers but a few of us had a few mishaps.

Stunt driving isn’t about recklessly driving like a maniac, taking all sorts of risk. No, no, no. This is a craft. It is very technical. There’s lots to learn and quite a bit to know before you even step into the car. The instructors give you all the tips and tricks as to how to get the car to do what you want it to all while being safe doing it. It is a true science. I’d say almost mathematic in its approach. You have to know a bit about angles, and the best moment to pull the handbrake in order to do a 180 or at what point in the road to take the Apex so that the velocity of the car is maximized. It’s quite fascinating how it’s all broken down. In some ways it kinda reminds me of a game of pool. That too requires extreme precision in order for the ball t go where you want it too. Physics comes into play to determine how hard to hit the ball and at what precise angle in order to get it where you want it.

I remember when I first saw the movie ”Gone in 60 seconds” back in 2000 which featured Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage. I was hooked. Watched it several times. Even took a trip down to Florida to test out the ride inspired by the movie. The ride was good but the real thing is so much better. I am super pumped every time I get behind the wheel of my stunt car. Yes, I’m a bit nervous, scared that something could go wrong and that by some bad luck my car could flip and burst into flames but that’s just my vivid imagination. Not to say that isn’t possible. Hence why we have the crew of Professionals from all walk there on site and ready to take charge in any event but really, with practice and careful execution and respect for your vehicle, you should be fine. All I can say from my experience is that there’s nothing like maneuvering your car into all sorts of daring and almost impossible situations. Abiding to the rules of the road afterward is a real challenge after a course like this. No longer do you simply want to respect the rules and do as is enforced. You wanna let loose and allow your senses to guide you.

Anyway, I’m definitely due for another go at this. Feel like I need to let my hair down so to speak. Although I kinda get that thrill from riding my bike but yet still it’s not exactly the same thing. Every activity, every adventure I embark on has its unique pull. One can not be replaced by another so till the next time, stunt car driving, you will be missed!

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