Take a Hike!

Rocky mountains hike

If there is one thing that I like to do, that is to walk. Any chance I get to walk I take the opportunity. I walk wherever I get a chance to do so: in the city, along the waterfront, anywhere. I especially love to discover new places by hiking.


There’s just something about the outdoors. I like to head out early in the morning when everyone is still asleep. As a matter of fact, I like to venture where there are very few people. I feel like I have the world all to myself. The only soul out and about is me and perhaps a few creatures.

Hiking bootsI wake up well before the crack of dawn, take a shower and get ready for my day ahead. One of the most important things on the journey I’m about to take on head first is to wear proper hiking boots. Quite honestly, the wrong boots can ruin the entire trip or cause me to end my hike prematurely so when I purchase boots, I choose carefully and wisely. I lace up, put on some comfy clothes, pack my bag, hiking gear, snacks and water for the day and I get to it.

When I’m out there, I marvel at the beauty of it all. The trees, the sky, the fresh air, the solitude, the earth / rock beneath my feet. I take it all in. There’s nothing quite like it. Watching the sun rise before most even realize the day has even begun is quite an experience that I wouldn’t change for anything. Now, I’m a night owl but when I know that I’m going on a hike, I have absolutely no problem waking at the crack of dawn to take it all in.

Hiking up a hill is usually the way I do things. It’s quite a trek and a strenuous one at that but I say F’ it. YOLO! I’m going to push myself while I still have life in me and the power to do so. I’m gonna take in as many sights as my legs will allow me to see while I still have the strength to do so. Screw waiting till you’re old, grey and retired before being able to LIVE life. I’m getting it done one, one activity at a time. There is no guarantee that I’ll even have the strength to take on such a demanding hike when I’m older. I may have more free time but if I don’t have my health, then I would never be able to see anything like this, Ever!

Standing near the end of a cliff, contemplating life is a sobering place to be. When you are out in the vastness of the world, all your thoughts become clear. Hiking is my form of meditation. It’s where I work out of my issues. Feeling stressed, I just put on my hiking boots on and take all of my frustrations, worries and care on the dancefloor a.k.a. mother nature herself. Let’s give it up for mother nature!!

So, to tie it all together, I hike to a location, sometimes I decide to climb a rock in the process and camp out there overnight. That brings my last 3 articles to a conclusion. Check out the other two if you can’t remember how I make this all very seamless and get 3 major activities done in the space of one day.

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