Riding off a cliff

I love anything that goes fast. Especially motorbikes. I’ve been on a scooter or as some call it  mopped (snooze!). Don’t even know why I mentioned that. Maybe cause it was my first taste of vehicular freedom. I was 14 and I begged my parents to get me one since I knew there was absolutely no way they’d let me get a motorcycle at that age. Oh! And it’s also ILLEGAL to have a minor operate a motorized vehicle of that magnitude at such a young age. The scooter wasn’t the coolest thing back then but least I had some sense of freedom with it. Besides, I knew that it was the gateway to bigger and better things.

Then, as soon as I was allowed by law to do so, I got my motorcycle license. Had to fight my parents, tooth and nail but since I was the one paying for the lessons from the earnings of my job, they didn’t really have much of an argument to stop me other than it was ”too Dangerous” but they knew eventually they’d lose that battle too. And they did. They know that I have a very strong spirit and never back down without a fight. They try to put in a good fight but I always win.

I don’t say this to disrespect my parents in any way. I love and respect them completely. It’s just that I’ve always had a very strong sense of self at an early age and have always had the maturity and insight to know that you only live once so I’ve never backed down when I felt strongly about something.

So, as I was saying. I got my license and immediately joined a motorcycle club so that I could ride with others and practice my skill. Some of the members were a bit older than I was at the time and took me under their wing. They had a thing for Harley and would take me on a tandem ride with them every so often. From time to time they’d even let me ride their bikes. It was cool but I loved the look of sports bikes so much more. They were so sexy and sleek. And I enjoyed the feeling and look of all that leather gear, black helmet, and shaded visor. Being hunched forward gripping on the handlebars is sexy on both men and women alike. It’s a major turn on to see someone on a bike and when I straddle one… OMG! There is absolutely nothing like it. I not only feel like the sexiest woman out there but I also feel very powerful straddling all that torque. Almost invisible. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the bike but I also feel like it is an extension of me and as with any limb, you don’t question if it’ll do what you command it to do. You have full mastery, control and confidence in it and therefore, you exercise your effortless ability. Well, same goes for my bike.

bike stunts

Then, I decided to try my hand at dirt bike. I mean, why not especially since most guys automatically think I’m just the Flag girl. Little do they know. I can get dirty like the rest of’em. Remember, backing down isn’t my thing. Most guys see a pretty blond thing and don’t take me seriously but ain’t nothing more serious than my riding skillz. I put quite a few of them to shame. I still have a-ways to go. Only recently started but I plan on doing some kick-ass stunts like the one you see in the pic above. Yup! I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Signing off for now. Catch you guys on the next post. Deuces!


Till next time, check out some of my crazy stories to come. Told by yours truly.

– Scary White Girl

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