Zip lining

zip lining

Zip lining and treetop trekking adventures are tons and tons of fun!! Testing one’s abilities is an adrenaline rush. You stand on the edge of a plank, looking multiple and hundreds of feet below and that you have to will yourself to steps off that plank of safety into the unknown.

Such challenges test your ability to overcome fear, your balancing skills, your upper body strength and so much more. You feel like a big kid or some type of animal that lives way up in the trees swinging from branch to branch. It’s exhilarating!

Even though you’re equipped with a helmet and a harness to make sure that you do not fall to your death, it still gets your heart rate pumping. But when you look around and see 10-year-old kids doing it, you quickly snap out of it and step out onto that wobbly bridge and clutch onto whatever you can for dear life. I mean, no 10-year old is going to one up on me! No way. Ain’t havin’ it.

The best part about zip-lining treetop trekking adventuresthough are the views. Kinda like how I was telling you about my parasailing experience in my last blog post where I talked about how serene it felt to be way up high. This feeling was very similar but with one exception. Since you aren’t gliding in the sky, you do feel the speed at which you are travelling at much more which brings me to my next point. That sinking, dropping feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you initially let step off the solid surface you are on to make your way to the other end of that cable hoping and praying that this time the cable does not decide to snap and give way making you the lucky trekker to plummet to his or her death. OK, maybe that’s a bit overdramatic but those are the thoughts that go through my head at least. Maybe I’m the only one but I doubt it.

Anyway, back to the views. So you’re gliding across this cable, hundreds of feet over the ground. Way up high in the mountains. Well above the treetops and you feel Free. Seeing the world from an aerial view is always a treat. I’m noticing a pattern. I definitely have a thing for heights. Ever since I was a kid, it’s been my dream to live in a high rise or at the very least work in one. Neither is the case so I get my thrills where I can.

Oh! I just remembered one time when I was 9-years-old, sneaking out onto the roof of the four-story apartment building we lived in. Come to think of it, my landlord could have been faced with some major legal issues had I slipped and fallen off the roof. The door wasn’t even locked. I had made my way all the way up the stairs and came to a door. That door was unlocked and led to the roof. I went out there to check it out. Got really dangerously close to the edge to take a look over the edge of the building. No one saw me up there. To this day my mother has no idea that that day even happened but I’m sure if she did she would flip out at how she could have lost her daughter senselessly because someone negligent in securing the premises. Even back then I was a bit of a little daredevil. Watch fear straight in the eye and do it anyway.

Anyway, nowadays I still look for those heart pumping moments, I just make sure I’m securely geared up first.

OK, so I’m going to end this one here. In my next article, I’ll change it up a bit and talk about something where my feet are firmly planted to the ground, somewhat.

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